Captain's Blog

Hello everyone!

It goes without saying that we are all looking forward to Saturday's npower Championship final with Blackpool.

It has been a good week in training - everyone is buzzing but also totally focused on the job we know we have to do at Wembley.

We know what a hard game it will be, we are under no illusions. The matches we had against Blackpool during the season don't matter now - it is all about the 90 minutes or so. We know what they are all about and they know what we are about.

What we hope is that we can get the better of them and be the winners.

There has been lots of positive energy around the place this week and we want to take that on to the pitch.

These type of games are why you are a footballer - there are not many bigger stages than Wembley to perform on. Having said that, while we are more than aware of the importance - we know what it means to both clubs win or lose - we are preparing as normal and as I said just keeping focused.

Blackpool are a very good side and we are certainly not underestimating how difficult it will be. Both sides know the importance of the match, what is riding on it and it is about who executes their game-plan the best.

The Gaffer and Neil McDonald have got us fully prepared and we want to continue the form we have shown over the last six weeks or so. If we do that then we can give ourselves a chance.

We have a strong squad to choose from and I can tell you, from the reaction of all the lads, everyone wants to play their part in trying to win the game. We will give it a right good go because we don't want to let anyone down, especially you, our fantastic fans.

Speaking about the lads, I just want to say how excellent they have been all season. Those lads who were here already and the way they reacted so positively not only to the Gaffer coming in but myself, and then the new lads who have joined us this seasonand become a part of everything so quickly.

I want to thank them for the support they have shown me and they know I am here for them no matter what and I will give them the support they need.

We have a great togetherness, - something we have worked on since the start of the season, something I like to have as captain. It is important that we win together, draw together and lose together - that is how it is.

You know you will have good and bad times, and what we hope for it is one of the good moments.

This is an occasion for everyone at our club - those people around us that we are lucky to have, the ones who work their socks off all year round - they are the people who make the club tick on a daily basis. Hopefully we can give them a day to enjoy and have a fantastic time on the back of us.

Both Chairmen have handled everything well this season. From the day I have walked in, they have shown the determination and desire for the club to be successful. The Gaffer has that same desire to get the club back up and as said, will have us doing everything to get the victory we need.

I will have family and friends - a strong support network for Wembley. I was only 18 when I won the Play-Offs with Bolton and so to have my wife and kids there and everyone else will be special, I just hope that we will be smiling afterwards.

Someone asked me if I would think it was a good decision to come here if we do manage to win and go up, I said I knew it was a good decision for me when I walked through the door last summer - my opinion hasn't changed and that is why I know and all the lads know what it means for all of you.

All I can say is a massive 'Thank you' to each and every one of you - you have been there for us and totally bossed it against other club's fans, out-singing the opposition and believe me not only do we know what it means for all of you for us to win, but it means a lot to all of us too.t

It is going to be a fantastic occasion for both clubs, our fans and theirs, but obviously we want to be the ones cheering afterwards.

I don't have to ask you to get behind us - I know you will as you have done all season and we don't take that for granted. What I and all the lads do ask for is one final big push and together hopefully we can do what is required to get our fantastic club back up in the Premier League.

We will be doing everything we can on the pitch and we know you will be too off it with your fantastic support.

Come on you Irons!

Kevin Nolan