Leeds United 1-1 West Ham United FT




Full-time score - Leeds United 1-1 West Ham United

94 mins - A few seconds early, Mr Walton blows for full-time. West Ham extend their unbeaten run to eight matches, but results elsewhere mean the Hammers are now five points behind Southampton and three behind Reading, albeit with a game in-hand on both. We'll have highlights and exclusive post-match reaction for you on West Ham TV.

93 mins - A little more than a minute left as Morrison thunders into a tackle and the ball flies high into the air. Collins heads out for a throw. West Ham win it back and Morrison is cool under pressure to find O'Brien. He sends O'Neil away and West Ham can break. Nolan points for the pass, but O'Neil over-hits it behind for a goal kick.

92 mins - Lonergan launches the ball long and a bit of head tennis ensues before Webber volleys wide on the turn.

91 mins - Leeds have a throw. It is hurled over and Becchio flicks on but Clayton's header mercifully bounces wide. Elsewhere, Southampton have come from behind to lead 3-2 at Millwall. Typical.

90 mins - GOAL! COLLINS! Noble crosses to the edge of the six-yard box and Collins rises to power a header past Lonergan. Cue massive celebrations away to my right. We'll have four added minutes.

89 mins - West Ham have the ball and McCartney collects a pass before crossing and forcing Lonergan to tip over for a corner.

88 mins - The time always seems to go twice as fast when you are losing...

87 mins - Cole controls well on the chest before Nolan picks up possession. He has a runner, but his pass is too strong and rolls away for a goal kick.

85 mins - West Ham have not got long to grab an equaliser, but they do have enough time. Nolan clips a ball forward for Cole, who is whistled for handball.

83 mins - GOAL! Leeds lead. The corner from Snodgrass is headed half-clear by Nolan. The ball is worked back to Snodgrass, whose cross is clawed out by Green but headed straight back against the crossbar. Becchio follows up and heads in from close range.

82 mins - Morrison has gone into quite an advanced position. Meanwhile, Webber plays the ball against Collins and wins a corner for the home side.

81 mins - Morrison is indeed going to make his debut, replacing Collison. The former Manchester United youngster gets a warm welcome from the Leeds fans...

79 mins - Ravel Morrison is still warming-up just below us here. Will he get his first taste of first-team action this afternoon?

77 mins - The home side make a double change with Mikael Forsell coming on for McCormack and Danny Webber taking the place of Aidan White.

76 mins - O'Neil is back on now thankfully and quickly gets back into the swing of things by testing Lonergan with an effort from 25 yards.

72 mins - It's all getting a bit heated but the important thing is that O'Neil is down and clutching his ankle after a strong challenge on the edge of the Leeds box. There is genuine concern for the No32, as we all know he has been through a lot in the past year.

70 mins - Now Leeds have a free-kick as Snodgrass is bundled over by O'Neil. Connolly wins the header and Green makes a miraculous save to push the ball aside for a corner. Snodgrass takes the corner, but O'Dea can only head wide at the far post.

69 mins - Another chance to deliver quality into the box as Collins' pass is controlled on the chest by Taylor and the No14 is pushed to the ground by Connolly. Taylor himself takes and Cole cranes his neck to head the ball a yard over from about ten yards out. Difficult chance, but a chance nonetheless.

68 mins - Taylor whips in the corner to the six-yard box, but Collison is penalised.

67 mins - The game is getting a bit stretched at last. Nolan picks out the run of McCartney, who delivers a good low cross. Unfortunately, it's behind Cole and hacked clear for a throw. McCartney's throw is flicked on by Cole to Collison. His volley is deflected to the far post, where O'Neil's header is blocked behind.

65 mins - A long punt forces former Leeds man McCartney to clear for a throw. From it, West Ham break through Cole, but his cross for O'Neil is headed clear. West Ham win a throw, but neither O'Neil nor O'Brien can benefit and the ball rolls harmlessly behind for a goal kick.

64 mins - Noble's free-kick into the box is headed behind for a corner. Cole won the free-kick. Noble takes the corner and Faye wins it, but his header flies back across the face of goal and behind for a goal kick.

62 mins - 33,366 is today's crowd and they give themselves a round of applause for being here. Meanwhile, Cole's left-foot cross is cleared to O'Brien before Robinson thunders into a challenge with O'Neil. A tad risky from the left-back. Goal kick.

61 mins - Robinson comes forward again down the Leeds left and he and Noble both slide in for the ball. Noble gets there first and Robinson is booked for arriving slightly late.

59 mins - So simple. Green rolls out for Faye, who swaps passes with Noble before finding Taylor. He passes to Cole, whose cross just eludes the toe of Taylor on its way past the far post.

57 mins - Left-back Robinson shows some speed to make it to the byline before crossing dangerously. Collins is in the right place to head clear.

56 mins - Maynard is replaced, with Carlton Cole the man to come on. The travelling Hammers sing the No9's name as he jogs on.

55 mins - McCartney is fouled and Taylor flicks on Noble's free-kick. The ball is clipped into the box by O'Neil but Nolan is outjumped before Collison handles.

54 mins - Connolly loses Collins and heads down into the ground. Green has to scramble a bit to grab the ball as it bounces across his goalmouth. Reading have scored two quick goals at Barnsley to lead 2-0.

52 mins - Leeds have their first opportunity of the second half as Clayton gets into space on the left corner of the box. He drags his shot across the face of goal and wide.

51 mins - It's all been a bit edgy since the break, with neither side controlling possession for more than a handful of passes.

49 mins - Noble passes forward for Collison before collecting the return pass and bursting through. He tries to release Maynard, but the striker is a yard or two offside.

48 mins - As you might have predicted, O'Neil has gone wide right of the three in midfield, with Noble in a holding role.

46 mins - West Ham kick-off the second half. Green's long clearance is flicked on before being passed back to Lonergan, who shanks his clearance out for a throw. The throw is to Collison, who beats his man before poking square for O'Neil, who controls with his first touch and shoots a few yards wide with his second. That would have been a story!

4.05pm - O'Neil is on for Tomkins.

I'm almost certain O'Neil will be on as he has gone through a proper warm-up and has now disappeared down the tunnel. The remaining four subs are still out on the pitch.

Looking at the way James Tomkins is walking gingerly off the pitch, he won't be out again after the break. Gary O'Neil would be the most likely replacement.

48 mins - Controversy! The cross comes over and Becchio flicks it on before the ball is smashed into the net. Mr Walton had thankfully blown for a foul. Tomkins goes down again as the referee blows for half-time. He is clearly in some pain and needs treatment on the pitch as his team-mates walk off.

48 mins - Into added time at the end of added time as Noble nips in and concedes a throw. Tomkins goes down away from the ball and clutches his ankle. The referee waves on the physio, but Tomkins waves him away despite clearly hobbling.

47 mins - Brown is back on in a new shirt, albeit without a number on the back.

46 mins - We'll have two minutes of added time. I don't think Brown handled a couple of minutes ago. He is receiving treatment for a nosebleed!

43 mins - Good hustle by Maynard and then McCartney wins West Ham a corner. Noble takes, but it's headed clear. A throw comes in and there are loud appeals for handball against Brown. A corner is given. Taylor's delivery is cleared to Tomkins, who plays the ball back to Noble. He crosses and Faye rises and wins another corner. Taylor takes again and the ball is cleared, but West Ham keep possession until Noble loses out.

42 mins - The hosts are on top at present as Tomkins is penalised for a foul wide on the Leeds right. Snodgrass again crosses dangerously, but Faye heads clear. The follow-up bounces through for a goal kick. Millwall lead against Southampton through Paul Robinson.

40 mins - Leeds go close again. Faye's header gives Collins work to to and his header drops on the edge of the box. A scramble ensues before the ball breaks to Clayton. He spins but drags his shot from 18 yards just wide of the left-hand post.

39 mins - That is very frustrating. West Ham work an opening through the middle before Nolan finds McCartney. His initial cross is blocked but the ball comes back to the No3. He has four to aim for, but his cross clears Tomkins at the far post and Collison is flagged offside as he chases the loose ball.

37 mins - Whoa! Snodgrass catches it well andf the ball clears the wall and will beat Green's dive, but thankfully it clears the far post too by about a yard. A loud 'Oooh' as the replays are shown on the big screen.

36 mins - I'm not sure about that one. McCartney slides to intercept a pass and it hits Taylor about a yard outside the box. He immediately claims it hit his chest. The assistant thinks otherwise. Snodgrass will fancy this one...

34 mins - Lonergan's turn to show his handling skills, catching a hanging cross from McCartney. Leeds go long and Faye makes a slight hash of his header, allowing Becchio to get the ball on the right edge of the penalty area. Thankfully, the cross that follows is poor.

33 mins - McCormack controls an awkward pass superbly 25 yards out and spins to shoot with his second touch, but Tomkins slides in and blocks behind for a corner. McCormack himself swings it over and Green makes another good high catch.

31 mins - Noble controls a throw from Taylor and finds Tomkins. He dances through two defenders and crosses left-footed, but there is nobody there to apply the finish.

30 mins - Plenty of passion out there, but no real clear-cut chances so far. Noble spins away from a throw cleverly, but his cross is too high for Taylor.

28 mins - Better. Nolan swings a pass wide right for O'Brien. Collison points to where he wants the pass and O'Brien obliges. Collison spins on the edge of the box and crosses first-time. Nolan has continued his run and gets there first, but his powerful finish is wayward. Goal kick.

27 mins - Elsewhere, Millwall are holding Southampton 1-1. Rickie Lambert had put the Saints in front, only for Jose Fonte's own-goal to level matters.

25 mins - Fantastic work by Matt Taylor. Snodgrass again carries the threat with a dribble before seeking McCormack inside the box. He looks to be in for a shooting chance from 12 yards, but Taylor gets back and wins the ball before punting clear. Collison wins a throw, but before it is taken Noble is booked for dissent.

24 mins - A misplaced pass allows Clayton to find Snodgrass. He slaloms forward and plays a one-two with Becchio before O'Brien makes a fins sliding challenge.

22 mins - Argh! So close. Taylor and Tomkins combine and the former flicks a pass for Maynard, whose first touch takes him away from his marker but is a foot or two too strong. He gets to the ball before Lonergan but the keeper is on him and blocks with his body before grabbing the loose ball. So close.

20 mins - West Ham's best bit of football so far. Nolan, Noble, Maynard and Collison are involved until McCartney and Taylor combine wide left. Unfortunately, the No14's cross is cut out and the momentum is lost. It was one of those moments where you just want someone to pull the trigger and unleash a shot on goal.

18 mins - Nolan beats two challenges before being halted by Connolly's slide tackle. He gets the ball and the man and the ball spins off Nolan's shin and out for a throw. That was a good old-fashioned passage of play. Nolan is up and doesn't need the physio on.

17 mins - Collison challenges for a high ball and it is headed on. Maynard chases, but O'Dea wins the race and heads back to Lonergan.

16 mins - O'Neil and Morrison are out to warm-up, as are two Leeds substitutes. Leeds have carried the greater threat so far, but Green and his defenders have stood firm.

14 mins - Tomkins concedes a free-kick on halfway. The headed clearance drops to McCormack, but his shot is blocked. The follow-up effort is deflected behind by Collins. West Ham initially clear the corner but a fine diagional pass finds McCormack in space. He finds Snodgrass, who dances past one challenge before being halted by a superb tackle from Faye inside the penalty area. He had to get that right, and he did. Fine defending.

12 mins - Good work-rate Nicky Maynard. He chases down a back pass and Lonergan's clearance thuds into the side of his head and out for a throw. That could cause a headache! Nothing comes from the throw, but that could have gone anywhere.

11 mins - Action at the other end as Nolan wins a header and McCartney collects wide on the left. He has time to measure a cross, but over-hits it and the ball flies over Collison's head at the far post and out for a goal kick.

10 mins - A first moment of concern as a long through ball forces Collins to turn. He gets a foot to the ball but Green is out quickly to pounce on it ahead of the lurking Becchio.

9 mins - A hint of a chance as Taylor latches on to the ball and tries to prod it through for Maynard. Leeds try to play offside, but Robinson plays Maynard on. Unfortunately, the pass is just cut out by Lees.

8 mins - Tomkins shows his class twice in the space of 20 seconds, first sliding in after McCartney had been caught out of position, then heading powerfully clear from the resultant throw-in. The No5 has been absolutely top-class this term.

7 mins - Tomkins wins a powerful header in midfield, but Maynard is still coming back from an offside position so cannot turn and chase. O'Dea heads back to his goalkeeper.

5 mins - A hopeful ball down the right channel by Connolly for McCormack to chase. Green comes, but the ball won't get there so Collins clears for a throw. It's worked back to Connolly, who wins a corner off McCartney. Green punches clear and Collison heads on before Taylor wins a sliding challenge on Clayton. The No15 responds by taking Taylor out. Free-kick. The home fans respond by singing 'Yorkshire, Yorkshire'. Love the passion on both sides!

4 mins - Collison loses his marker with a neat turn before sending a diagonal ball for Taylor to chase. Connolly gets there first but slices out for a throw midway inside the Leeds half. It comes to nothing.

3 mins - West Ham attack and Noble wins a throw. Leeds clear their lines initially before Nolan is penalised for a foul. Frantic start.

1 min - Joey O'Brien starts St Patrick's Day by fouling Luciano Becchio on halfway. Robinson launches the ball into the box and Green collects high above his head. Becchio stands behind the goalkeeper, but he's wise to it and waits for the South American to run back before clearing upfield.

3pm - Leeds kick-off...

2.58pm - This is a proper game. The PA announcer says these are the 'two biggest clubs in the Championship' and I'm not going to argue with him! The two captains shake hands as referee Peter Walton tosses the coin. We're going to swap ends as the home fans finish a chorus of 'We love you Leeds'. No huddles today. Kick-off is here...

2.55pm - There is a fantastic atmosphere inside Elland Road, fuelled by the presence of 3,500 West Ham fans sat to my right. The home club were expecting a 30,000-plus crowd and I think we've easily broken that barrier. Here come the two teams, led by Kevin Nolan and Robert Snodgrass and West Ham mascot Robert Greig.

2.30pm - The Under-18s have unfortunately suffered a 6-1 FA Premier Academy League defeat by Reading at Little Heath earlier today. A report and reaction will appear on whufc.com soon.

2.08pm - Leeds are completely unchanged from the side and subs that beat Middlesbrough 2-0 at the Riverside last Sunday, meaning Luciano Becchio and Ross McCormack start up front in a 4-4-2 formation.

2pm - The team news is in! Three changes from the side that drew 1-1 with Doncaster last weekend. Danny Collins makes his full debut at centre-back, while fellow loanee Stephen Henderson is on the bench. James Tomkins moves into midfield, with Henri Lansbury missing out. Joey O'Brien returns at right-back, with George McCartney moving to the left and Matt Taylor moving forward to take the place of the injured Ricardo Vaz Te. Nicky Maynard replaces Carlton Cole up top.

Leeds United: Lonergan, Connolly, Lees, White, O'Dea, Robinson, Snodgrass, Brown, Clayton, Becchio, McCormack
Subs: Pugh, Webber, Forssell, Nunez, Thompson

West Ham United: Green, O'Brien, Faye, Collins, McCartney, Tomkins, Noble, Nolan, Collison, Taylor, Maynard
Subs: Henderson, Morrison, O'Neil, Baldock, Cole

1.55pm - The team bus has arrived at Elland Road and the players and staff have made their way to the Away Dressing Room. New signing Stephen Henderson led the players along the side of the pitch on their way to the tunnel entrance. We will have the team news very soon...

Stephen Henderson

Stephen Henderson leads his new team-mates to the Dressing Room

Sam Allardyce

Big Sam gets off the team coach at Elland Road

Good afternoon and welcome to Elland Road as West Ham United continue their quest for promotion from the npower Championship by taking on Neil Warnock's Leeds United.

The Hammers take on Yorkshire opposition for the second weekend in succession, having drawn 1-1 at home with Doncaster Rovers last Saturday.

Should Sam Allardyce's side win, they could rise back into the automatic promotion places, with leaders Southampton and second-place Reading on the road at Barnsley and Millwall respectively.

A victory would also see the Hammers equal the club record of eleven away league wins in a season, achieved in both 1922/23 and 1957/58. Each of those seasons ended with West Ham gaining gaining promotion to the top-flight.

Leeds will play for the fifth time since Warnock was appointed manager last month. In their four previous matches, Leeds have conceded just one goal and scored an impressive 2-0 win at Middlesbrough last Sunday.

The two sides drew 2-2 at the Boleyn Ground in the reverse fixture on Sunday 21 August. Leeds twice came from behind after West Ham had gone ahead through Carlton Cole and a Patrick Kisnorbo own goal, equalising through Ross McCormack and Adam Clayton.

Team news-wise, West Ham welcome new signing Stephen Henderson in to the matchday squad following his arrival on loan from Portsmouth. Fellow loanee Danny Collins and John Carew have also travelled north, as has midweek Development Squad match-winner Ravel Morrison. Big Sam will be without the injured Ricardo Vaz Te, Papa Bouba Diop (both hamstring), Winston Reid (head), Julien Faubert (groin) and Guy Demel (thigh).