Joint-Chairman planning for long term

West Ham United Joint-Chairman David Sullivan has outlined his vision for a healthy financial future for West Ham United.

The 2013/14 season will see the new Barclays Premier League broadcast rights deal come into force and the Joint-Chairman is determined to see the new income used in the best way possible to aid the long-term stability of West Ham United. Mr Sullivan has explained that the Board will be looking at ways to reward the Hammers' loyal supporters rather than passing on the extra income to other areas at the club.

Speaking to ESPN Soccernet, Mr Sullivan said: "I think next season a lot of clubs will look to not give all the new TV money to players and agents. On all previous occasions it has gone up it has ended up with them, however, I feel on this occasion it might not happen. West Ham United are determined long term to be a viable, self-financing club.

"We'll pay good wages, but not be taken to the cleaners by agents and players at the expense of our supporters. The increase in TV money next year, will allow us to continue to freeze ticket and season ticket prices."

While the Board continue to work hard to bring the club's debt down, Mr Sullivan wants to make sure that the mistakes made in the past are not repeated. Part of that plan is the commitment to not pay disproportionate wages to players and agents.

"I cannot see any collective decisions, but there are quite a few clubs, for example, Norwich, Swansea, WBA who seem to be taking a more sensible approach to things and West Ham will be in that camp," he said.

"Overpaying virtually bankrupted this club and we are still burdened by £100 million of debt as a result of the excesses of the previous owners in giving too much to players. Many clubs are saddled with too much debt and the restrictions imposed by their bankers will ensure there is a tighter control over wages going forward."

Although it has not been widely publicised, the Joint-Chairman has also been generously supporting local charities from his own pocket during the summer. He said: "We are, as we have always been, more than a football club. We see our role in the community of East London and Essex as a vital part of the role of the club.

"West Ham United is rooted in London, working with and for the community. We are more than a football club."

Moore Than a Football Club