A message to supporters

Dear Supporter,

Every person attending the match on Saturday is an ambassador for our great club and we'd like to remind you that whatever happens on the day you must act in the best interests of the club.

The club has an exemplary record both home and away and I am sure you will contribute to that status being maintained at the game.

We would just like to remind any supporter who gains access to the stadium with the intention of doing anything but enjoying the game will face serious consequences and will be dealt with in accordance with our matchday policies in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police.

Unfortunately at the last meeting of the two Clubs at the Boleyn Ground in August 2009 there was a pitch invasion and serious disorder outside the ground. This resulted in the Metropolitan Police forming Operation Balconi to investigate football related violence and disorder surrounding this fixture and punishing offenders accordingly.

Previous incidents have seen 9 Season ticket holders having their season tickets cancelled without refund and also received life bans from the club. 50 known supporters received life bans from the club and most of those either received a three or four year football banning order from the court along with an average £250 fine. One supporter received a ten year football banning order from the court along with 22 months imprisonment.

Therefore, it's right to remind you all what a devastation any impingement of disorder can have, not only on the individual, who risks his job and even his liberty, but to his entire family who also suffer as a result.

This is your club; please show it the respect it deserves on the day, show your world famous support and make it a day to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Yours in sport


David Sullivan
David Gold

David Sullivan and David Gold