Alpari (UK) at International Traders Expo London

Alpari (UK), an official sponsor of West Ham Untied, welcomed over 2,000 registered visitors at the International Traders Expo London at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. Alpari (UK) thanks everyone who visited their booth at the show!

Alpari (UK), the International Sponsor of the Expo, was delighted to see so many people on 23 and 24 March, both at their booth and also their free seminars, hosted by their Chief Market Analyst, James Hughes. There was standing room only at James's seminars as he discussed the psychology of Forex, trading signals and risk management.

If you missed the show, don't worry. Alpari (UK)'s eTradingExpo e-booth is now live and will remain open until 13 May. Register free of charge now!

At the eTradingExpo you can learn more about the products Alpari (UK) offers, including tax-free* spread trading. You will also be able to see a webcast of James's psychology of Forex trading seminar, recorded live at the show.

*Any profits you make from spread trading are completely free of capital gains tax, stamp duty and income tax (for UK residents). UK tax laws are subject to change and individual circumstances may vary.