Olympic Stadium update

Vice-Chairman Karren Brady has updated fans on the latest West Ham United bid to be anchor concessionaire at the Olympic Stadium post the 2012 Games.

The club submitted a proposal by the 23 March deadline and now awaits a decision as to who the successful bidders are. During this period the club is keen to keep supporters updated with its plans wherever possible.

The Vice-Chairman has spoken of her understanding that some fans may be frustrated by the confidentiality clauses in place around the process, but has reassured them that their voices and opinions will be heard at the right time.

"I know there are some West Ham fans who have reservations about the Olympic Stadium move and who may feel that they are not getting the chance to share their opinions at this time," Brady said.

"I would like to reassure them that we will be running another extensive period of supporter consultation when we are able to offer up more information. Should the club's bid be successful on 21 May it is the Board's clear commitment to consult widely with our supporters so that together we can be left in no doubt that a move to the Olympic Stadium will be the right one for the club."

Speaking on Tuesday, the Vice-Chairman acknowledged that a number of fans were still against the move. ''I can't blame them to be honest, because they can't see what we can see. We have been very lucky because we have had a fantastic Supporters Advisory Board that brings together the various different mixes of our season ticket holders who have been coming here for generations.

"We brought them all together, they all had to sign NDAs [Non-disclosure Agreements] and we gave them a presentation and showed them our vision and said 'This is what we want'. We can't explain that to all of our supporters yet, we can only explain it to a select few, who we think give us a very broad range''

The Supporter Advisory Board is made up primarily of Season Ticket holders who have been put forward by a minimum of five fellow supporters from a wide cross-section. Following a presentation about the club's vision for the new stadium to its Olympic Stadium Group on the 23 February, a straw poll was conducted and no supporters voted against the proposed move.

The club also remains aware of the desire of supporters to hold a poll regarding the proposed move. The club has been in contact with campaign group WHU's View and representatives attended a meeting held by the group on Wednesday evening.

As a result, West Ham United has once more contacted the London Legacy Development Corporation - the body which will now oversee the Olympic Stadium post 2012 after taking over from the OPLC- requesting the ability to release further information to enable a supporter poll of some description. No response has yet been received, but any response is expected to be consistent with previous requests that restate the constraints of the confidentiality agreement.

Therefore, given the strict agreements in place that preclude the club from sharing details of its plans for the Stadium, West Ham can only confirm once more that its bid submitted on 23 March was conditional on the delivery of a world-class Stadium that will look and feel like a home for West Ham United and its fans.

The Board believe a move to the Stadium is the best opportunity it will have to improve the club's long-term stability and fortunes which will, in turn, enable further investment on the pitch.

At the time the club's annual accounts in May of last year the Joint-Chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold had invested £29m in the club in the previous 18 months and are predicted to invest in the region of a further £30m in the current season. They have both confirmed their long-term commitment to the club repeatedly and through their continued investment have demonstrated this in a real and tangible way.