Olympic Stadium update

Following the club's recent communication on 11 October updating you on the developments regarding the proposed Olympic Stadium move, we are aware that supporters have many new questions.

West Ham United's bid, as we have advised supporters throughout the process, focuses on delivering a world-class multi-use venue for the benefit of our supporters, the local community, the rest of the UK and an international audience.

Our entire plan focuses on ensuring first-class views for our supporters whilst delivering a legacy for athletics. We see the move just down the road as a move home to our origins in West Ham. Our commitment is and always has been to driving West Ham United forward to enable us to compete at the highest level.

You our supporters, the heartbeat of the Hammers, have been the driving force behind our ambitions to grow the club to a level deserving of your support.

Every step of the way our proposals have been fully informed by your passionate responses to our questions, surveys and the ongoing dialogue through fan forums, presentations and the Supporter Advisory Board. We know that your priorities are seating, sightlines and security for the club's future. These are our priorities too.

We still await further information regarding the Government's plans for the Olympic Stadium post Games. These plans have always involved a tenancy of some nature. This type of arrangement has proved successful elsewhere and brings with it potential new benefits for the club.

Until we are fully informed of the proposed process going forward, we are unable to share further information. We are closely monitoring the feedback we sought following our recent statements. As the process moves on there will never be a better time for consultation to help inform our decisions going forward.

West Ham United with our partners the London Borough of Newham, great diligence and a lot of hard work were able to deliver a robust bid to occupy the Stadium from 2014/15.
Our bid was unanimously endorsed back in February. We re-state our belief that our stadium works for football. It would be a world-class venue to rival all others - a fitting stage for our proud club. Rest assured, it has to work for you to work for us. We would never act in isolation and, as we know more, so will you.

Please continue to provide us with your feedback via [email protected]