'We will tender again'

As you will no doubt have seen and read this week, the Government has decided to start a new process to determine the future of the Olympic Stadium after it became bogged down in legal wrangling.

The best way to move forward is this new streamlined process that will shift the focus from the courtroom to the playing field.

Before this news, the prospect of being able to use the fantastic achievement of securing the 2012 Games to create a lasting legacy for generations was in in real danger of being lost.

Despite the court action and other tactics used, our position at West Ham United never changed and the merits of our legacy commitment have never been challenged. And they never will.

Our unanimously supported proposal which earned us preferred bidder status back in February was for a multi-use, multi-sport stadium that provided a real home for football and athletics.

It would have been open in 2014/15, and it would have been a destination for national sport and certainly a fitting stage for the 2017 World Athletic Championships.

We will tender again with the same energy, vision and determination.

We welcome the positive words from the Sports Minister and the Mayor of London. It is great to see a collective determination for the Olympic Stadium to live up to the promises rightly made by Lord Coe and his team when the Games were won back in 2005.

If we are allowed, we will deliver the right legacy for the East End and the wider community, ensuring that the vibrant Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with its thousands of new jobs and homes is well served.

We will only need to travel only just over a mile from the Boleyn Ground to the Olympic Stadium. But in that small journey within our own borough we would be taking giant strides for sport in this country.

We believe we are the home team. We are the ones who understand the area and its proud people. There will not be many, if any, who have moved to a new stadium closer and who have been able to carry so much goodwill with them.

There's no doubt our legacy plan is the right one. It was the right one when we took part in the first fair and open bidding process and no one has found fault with our community-based vision that offers hope to so many.

We are committed to the borough of Newham. The area has been our home for more than 100 years and we understand the needs of local people.

We will never turn our back on our history and heritage. We embrace it and recognise that we must make sure the stadium works for our fans first and foremost.

We know given the chance we can deliver a stadium capable of top-class football that will be up there with the game's finest arenas.

Our loyal fanbase continues to grow. We need a home that matches yours and the club's Premier ambitions, which would be impressive yet intimate with a great infrastructure.

Rest assured, we will keep you informed as and when the new process unfolds but our aim is to make West Ham United's strong case once again as the right choice for the future legacy of the Olympic Stadium.

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