Lionside top ten for April

The top ten West Ham United fans for April on Lionside Football, the club's official FREE Facebook Game, have been announced - are you one of them?

Every Hammers fan has the opportunity to be on this exclusive list and show how much you support your favourite team. You can play Lionside Football for FREE on Facebook and challenge your own friends, fellow West Ham supporters, and fans of other Barclays Premier League teams (including this weekend's opponents Blackburn).

Congratulations to Sam Holloway who is the top fan this month and the No1 player on Lionside Football worldwide! Is your name on the list below?:

Level: 400  Sam Holloway

Level: 221  Tomas Tarnawski

Level: 209  Matt Shattock

Level: 134  Andrew Chandler

Level: 120  Saddique Hanif

Level: 106  Sara Szalai

Level: 100  Kyryl Yelizarov

Level: 98  Mark Cutler

Level: 90  Daniel Bergin

Level: 86  Coy Anderson

Remember, the Official Facebook Game is available for all Hammers fans to play, and best of all it's FREE, so start challenging opposing Barclays Premier League fans today.

CLICK HERE to get the game and begin playing for a chance to be on the list next month!