Playing to win with Lionside brings the latest update from Lionside Football...the club's official game on Facebook.

Following its successful launch last year, Lionside Football are delighted to announce that Hammers fans have been levelling up, and the highest ranked supporter reached Level 264 by the end of 2010!

1. N. Bailey - Level 264
2. C. Anna - Level 186
3. S. Holloway - Level 184
4. P. Bonner - Level 127
5. T. Sakarya - Level 115
6. M. Fuchs - Level 112
7. S. Armitage - Level 111
8. D. Taylor - Level 110
9. A. Columbine - Level 87
10. B. Smith - Level 83

Lionside Football is West Ham United's official game on Facebook, and allows fans to play against friends and other Hammers fans who are part of the world's biggest social network.

Lionside are giving fans an exclusive range of discounted boosts including current first team players, training drills, and matches! Use them to win more matches and challenge to be in the Top 10 this month!

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