Cole's call to arms

Carlton Cole is determined to do his all to help West Ham United in their fight for Barclays Premier League survival.

The striker, on course to be the Hammers top scorer for the third straight season, is not bothered whether he finds the net before the end of the campaign as long as the team survive the drop.

"I want to score the goals, but I would take not scoring if it meant we just won these games," he said. "That is the most important thing for us.I want the best for West Ham not the best just for Carlton Cole.

"I would sacrifice that if we just won the games, the most important thing is to help us, West Ham, climb up the table and stay in the Premier League. Obviously if I can have both, scoring and winning the games, it would be even nicer."

Cole has never scored against his first club and would love to break that duck at Stamford Bridge on Saturday evening. He has certainly not written off the visitors' chances, unlike many neutrals.

"Every point is precious, it is a big game whether you play Chelsea or you play Blackpool or whoever, they are all big games. Obviously every point we get will be a point to hopefully keep us in the Premier League. That is what we are looking to do.

"We are looking at everyone to be at their best form coming into these games now, players maybe coming back that have been out with long injuries, everyone to be doing what they can to get the points we need.

"We have worked and talked all week on what we have to do, and as the manager said to us earlier on in the week, it is now not about talking anymore, it is the actions on the field.

"I left everything I had out on that field last week against Aston Villa and I am looking to do that again against Chelsea with hopefully a different result.

"We shouldn't be in this position, but we are where we find ourselves but now in these five cup finals, is the time where every player has to stand up and be counted on that field, as we can't have anything less.

"It is going to come down to the last few games and we don't want that, we want to get those points now.

"We are all pulling in the same direction, it's a team game and it's not about the individual, nobody's sulking or anything. We are all here to do our job, me and my team-mates, none of us here want to go down. It would be a massive shame on us and West Ham."