'A great opportunity to grow'

Our amazing Olympic Stadium project is gathering momentum.

Since my last programme notes, we have secured the support of Live Nation and UK Athletics. These are two huge players in the global entertainment and sporting worlds respectively that have fully endorsed what we and Newham Council are striving for - a lasting legacy that best serves the public's needs.

Much has rightly been made of what the Olympic Stadium would do for east London in terms of community, health, education and opportunity. But, we will make sure that in so doing, the stadium is fit for purpose - football. That it is right for West Ham and you, our superb supporters.

While there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to our plans, we know some are wary of change. Moving after more than a century is a big step, even if we are going 'home' to West Ham. We also know that some have concerns over the running track, viewing distance, atmosphere and hospitality facilities.

All we are asking is for people to keep an open mind at this stage. Trust us. We are busily exploring lots of ideas to make the stadium right for us, but it's all very doable and is a great opportunity to grow and secure our future for decades to come.

Once we have a full and proper understanding of how the stadium can be adapted, we will present detailed proposals to supporters. That's a promise. We have asked for stadium tours where we can take people inside and we are confident that all who visit will see the huge potential of a fantastic home that will secure our club's future for many generations - and give us the best chance to move to a new level.

Every proposal will be considered to make it work for you while preserving the club's soul. Remember this club is run by fans for fans.

The only certainty is our conviction that West Ham United, above all others, belong in the Olympic Stadium.

If you are supportive of us making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and would like to request a place on one of the tours we are hoping to arrange soon, please email [email protected] and we will be pleased to send regular updates to you to keep you fully up-to-date with our plans.

Karren Brady


1. Ours is the natural and logical solution that creates a busy, viable and sustainable multi-use stadium for all to use.

2. Our stadium will capture the heart and spirit of the Olympic Games for decades to come - meeting all of the 2012 Olympic bid commitments and more, marrying national sports benefits with local ones.

3. Together with our many bid partners and supporters, including UK Athletics, we will create a vibrant and busy stadium that is a centre of sport, education and culture attracting around two million visitors a year.

4. We will retain the stadium's iconic look and feel, protecting the public investment, and make the venue even better.

5. We will create a 60,000-capacity, world-class venue with first-class views and luxury seating. We will put in a new roof to cover all seating and install world-class hospitality and customer facilities inside the stadium. We will also create major visitor attractions at the stadium.

6. We will make a multi-million pound investment to make it suitable for the different uses we propose but we are adamant it will be free of ongoing public subsidy and gate receipts will be shared with Newham Council, ensuring financial benefits are passed on to the local community. The area will also benefit in many other ways such as employment, health and education.

7. Working with our partners, we will make the Olympic Stadium, the rest of the Olympic Park and the surrounding area a destination of world-wide significance.

8. Our stadium will also have a very active community use, inspiring learning and achievement and helping to create a better quality of life for tens of thousands. It will generate much-needed employment in the area and make for a healthier east London by increasing sports and physical activity.

9. Our stadium will significantly enhance the legacy role and value of the Olympic Park as a whole. It will provide a boost to the continuing regeneration of East London and open the door to a major redevelopment of the area around West Ham's existing ground.

10. No one is better qualified and placed to make this work other than West Ham and Newham Council. We have the real interests of East London people at heart.

11. UK Athletics and Live Nation - the world's biggest live events company - are the latest leading organisations to endorse the West Ham-Newham bid with those on board including: Westfield, HS1 Ltd, University of East London, Essex Cricket, ExCel London and London City Airport.

12. The 2012 London Games promise to be the best Olympics and Paralympics ever. West Ham United and Newham Council will help guarantee it delivers the greatest legacy.