Avram on Friday

Avram Grant has given his weekly press conference ahead of the visit of Newcastle United. The manager confirmed he should have all the players from last week available along with the likes of Matthew Upson and Pablo Barrera. The Hammers are bidding to make it six games unbeaten in all competitions but know the top-flight newcomers have a decent away record.

Avram on a good feeling at the club...

We are unbeaten in four games and one game that we won away in the Carling Cup which is always important. We are happy and even with the draws we have had, we were closer to winning than losing. We are progressing. We are a few points from the middle of table where we belong by the football we are playing.

I know we have to win games to get there. We have good competition in the squad. At the start of the season people said we didn't have a good squad but now because we are playing well and we are changing the team, everyone says rightly that there is a good squad.

Avram on Newcastle being a must-win game...?

We want to win this game. At the beginning of the season, you cannot say this about any game but we need to want to win every game. Of course if it was the end of the season you could say it is a must-win. We just want to win because it would take us forward.

Avram on decisions going against the team this season...

I don't want to think too much about the first goals against Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers and Manchester United and other decisions against Fulham and Stoke. I don't want to think it is because my players are too nice and don't jump on the referee. I think it is a coincidence but at the end of the day it affects us - last week it cost us two points.

I don't think that Wolves would have come back last week with ten seconds to go. If you ask me 'Can I change this?', I can't. But people need to be aware that teams that aren't sporting and go always to the referee have an advantage.

Avram on a big week for the club...

It can be a good week for us. It is a good challenge. We want to continue what we did in the last few weeks and also take points,. Everybody said Newcastle are a good team, they are having a good season but if we win against them it will speak for itself. The Carling Cup after this is also very important but I will speak about it after Newcastle.

Avram on new mental toughness in the team...

We are better but we can always ask more. Everyone can develop themselves a lot. You cannot take a slow player and make him fast but you can take a player and give him ideas and tools to be stronger. I believe in this very much. You saw this. At the start of the season, we conceded three goals in some games, we were unable to come back when behind...now we are better. Quality is also very important.

Avram on Kick It Out's anti-racism initiative...

We are all supporting the Kick It Out campaign. It is very important that all of us work very hard to fight against every evil and prejudice in society. Football can do so much to help because in football everybody is equal - it doesn't matter where you are from or how much money you have.

We can take this example to show people that positive thinking and positive energy is the only way to be in life. People should not stand on the side and watch others. Everyone should do all they can to fight against racism. This is very important.