Green day in the gym

Robert Green is gearing up for another knockout season at West Ham United and is certainly ready to put in the hard work.

At 8.30am on Tuesday, the England goalkeeper was to be found in the gym of the team hotel in Germany readying himself for a gruelling boxing routine with coach David Coles. It came after a couple of ball sessions out on the practice pitches the previous day - his first since arriving back with the squad after the summer.


Coles had begun by joining Green for an intensive burst on a cross-trainer as the rest of the hotel guest slowly got going in the summer sunshine. While many were just drinking their first cup of coffee of the day, Green was put through a rigourous hour-long session that involved working on a punch bag, sparring, shadow boxing and skipping.

The routines were all repeated three times and there was no let-up - save for a bit of conversation with Radoslav Kovac as he worked out nearby.

Green is renowned as being one of the fittest players at the club and his 126 consecutive Barclays Premier League starts is certainly testament to his conditioning. It is not just the No1 who is being put through his paces in Bavaria, though. Coles has been keen to mix up the work for all the club's goalkeepers, with swimming and tennis also integrated into their full football schedule.

Coles said: "It is about doing something that is different. I like to keep them fresh mentally and physically. It is a stimulus and the fitness relates to goalkeeping in terms of explosive movements and certainly the footwork and handling.

"It is also good for his upper body in terms of punching and coming for crosses, making saves and parries. Boxing is a fantastic fitness tool. The session was an hour long and even the shadow boxing was hard. He has to use his feet which is relevant to the game situation. Pre-season is about building up over a period of time to get ready for the matches.

"Rob is in very good condition.He has done fantastically well, he looks after himself. It is going to be a quick way back to full fitness."