McCarthy reflects on finals

Sunday night will see the world tune in for the FIFA World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain and Benni McCarthy said the tournament has been great for his country.

South Africa have staged a hugely successful finals and McCarthy, although disappointed that injury and subsequent fitness issues cost him a place in his country's squad, said the 2010 event will leave a lasting legacy.

"For the country it has been really nice," he said. "For the infrastructure, the country is in a better state.

"A lot of people had a completely different perception of South Africa and now they have some really nice things to say about it and everyone wants to go there - it is now a holiday destination."

However, McCarthy - who is determined to form a potent partnership with Carlton Cole this season - is not so keen on the vuvezalas that have been heard the length and breadth of South Africa wherever a match has been played over the past month.

"It is the worst thing. It is a topical South African thing, but the reason I hate them is that when I am playing I can't hear myself and I can't get my message across. It is the most annoying thing and you could go deaf, so I hope they don't bring them into English football.

"That is South African football, this is the Premier League which is the singing and the cheering your team on, that is what it is all about."

Meanwhile, manager Avram Grant has expressed his sympathy with England after the match officials failed to spot Frank Lampard had scored a perfectly legitimate goal in the 4-1 defeat by Germany. He believed video technology was something that has to happen.

"I would like to see it," he said. "Everybody says this is a traditional game that hasn't changed, but a lot of things have changed [over the years].

"The rules have changed - you cannot pass the ball to the goalkeeper [and him handle it] - there are a lot of things you cannot do that you could do before. I think we need to do it because you have seen what has happened in this World Cup and it could happen in the Premier League."