Top ten on Lionside Football

Following its successful launch at the beginning of the month, Lionside Football are delighted to announce the top ten Hammers fans for November.

1. N. Bailey (LVL 232)
2. C. Anna (LVL 186)
3. P. Bonner (LVL 125)
4. M. Fuchs (LVL 112)
5. S. Holloway (LVL 111)
6. S. Armitage (LVL 111)
7. D. Taylor (LVL 104)
8. D. Browne (LVL 82)
9. D. Lawes (LVL 76)
10. B. Gooding (LVL 68)

Lionside Football is West Ham United's official game on Facebook, and allows fans to play against friends and other Hammers fans who are part of the world's biggest social network.

To celebrate the great performances of Hammers fans, Lionside are giving away three free match balls for all their supporters. Use them to win matches and challenge to be in the top ten next month.

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