Valon's vow

Valon Behrami has spoken to WHUTV to reiterate his commitment to the cause.

The midfielder dismissed suggestions he was thinking of a move away from the Boleyn Ground. Behrami has been a huge hit since arriving from Serie A giants Lazio in July 2008 - not least for his energy and endeavour - and feels at home with his family in east London.

"I have seen a lot of newspaper writers concern me and [saying at] the end of the season I want to improve my situation and to change clubs or something like this," he said.

"I just want to say it is not true. I never say that. Every time when I talk I just say I want to stay here, I see my future only at West Ham. That is what I want to do. Just to make sure everything is clear. I think I am a direct person. Every time I say what I am thinking. It is just how I said it before. I see my future only with this club. I want to give all myself to improve this club."

A fans' favourite, Behrami acknowledged the current league position was not the best but that all his efforts would be focused on helping to turn things around. "The situation is not easy but concerning me and my situation here I just say I am happy in all parts of my life, professionally and the outside life. I am very happy. This is the reason why I don't want to leave this team.

"I am only focused on helping West Ham. I am sure we are going to improve the situation. We play well and we need some good results. "