Green on WHUTV

Robert Green may not have had the busiest of evenings against Andorra but that certainly did not detract from the pride at making his home debut for England.

Green was virtually a spectator as England's attackers put the Andorrans to the sword, hitting six goals without reply. It was the West Ham No1's second start in the space of five days for his country after another clean sheet against Kazakhstan in Almaty on Saturday.

"It's a proud moment coming out and singing the national anthem," Green said. "It was a bit of a strange one on Saturday in Kazakhstan, but that's what international football is about. To be at Wembley and play was a really special moment.

"We knew what the game was going to be like. We knew what was going to happen when we came into it and it was just a case of working the chances, and when they came along, taking them, and we did that comprehensively."

Such was England's superiority that Green did not touch the ball until the 26th minute and then his every touch for the rest of the game was cheered by the home supporters. The 29-year-old admitted he was slightly worried he may not touch the ball at all!

"Yes I was aware, maybe at Upton Park it would have been a bit more relaxed and I would have acknowledged it but on my full debut at Wembley it's one to play down a bit.

"I was counting the minutes as well don't worry. After about 20 minutes I thought I could have been the only keeper to have made his full debut at Wembley and never touch the ball but thankfully that didn't happen."

One of the hardest tests for Green would have been keeping his concentration with such large gaps between his involvements in the match. But he demonstrated that he was 100 per cent focused when he was called into action for midway through the second half.

"I just knew that something somewhere down the line was going to happen and it did. So in that respect I was there when I was needed and that's international football. In that respect it was a job done by everyone in the team.

"I was not at all frustrated at not having to do more. Two clean sheets is two clean sheets and I'm happy with that."