Your tributes to Deano

Last week asked you to send in your favourite memories of Dean Ashton's time at West Ham United and hundreds of you took up the opportunity.

Every message will all be forwarded on to Dean and below is a list of some of the best emails received.

If you want to add your thoughts, you can email [email protected]


Watching Coley this year has often had me thinking what if, what if we had you up alongside him. Next summer I am sure I will be thinking the same as I watch the World Cup and an England without you.

That said your health and family are the most important things for any of us, focus on looking after both now. Thanks for all the pleasure you gave us at West Ham, a flying Deano terrorising the opposition defence in front of the Bobby was a joy to watch.

I wish you well, come back and see us one day.
Peter Taylor BML

My sons and I had the pleasure of watching Dean play at Upton Park on many occasions. Dean brought so much talent to the game of football, his touch and strength lifted the crowd. He knew how to play the beautiful game the West Ham way.  He marvelled us all at Cup Final against Liverpool, he would have been a worthy England forward.

Dean, you are great man, this may seem like the darkest hour, but lift your head up and keep believing.

If you can bring hope to the talent of the future, if you can share a percentage of your ability in preparing the next generation, then, you will I am sure be able to gain a new life and career, supporting the game you love.

Best Wishes for the Future,


Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of West Ham and your brave fight to try and reach full fitness which unfortunately has not been possible.

I hope your next operation is successful and enables you to walk properly, without pain.

Don't leave the game, you have so much still to give.

Stay positive and maintain the professionalism that has taken you this far.

Good luck for the future.
Roy Blane


Farewell Deano, really gutted for you. You are and always will be a legend at Upton Park.


What can I say? What a sad, sad day for, not only English football, but football all around the world! You were a fantastic little player, I remember when we signed you from Norwich - I thought, "we've pulled off a real coup here!".

I'm sure that had this terrible injury not forced you to retire, you would most definitely have been in the England setup. I'm truly, truly saddened that Dean Ashton - West Ham's great No9 of recent years - has had to hang up his boots.

You will always be a hammer and remembered for the great things that you achieved at West Ham United Football Club in your relatively short time with us!

I wish you well for the future sir, and a speedy recovery!

Merry Christmas,
Bradley Harrison


It was disappointing to have the news confirmed of Dean Ashton's retirement. Dean will certainly be remembered by all West Ham fans mostly for his part in the FA Cup run of 2006. I personally feel if not for his injury he would not only have become a Hammers legend, but would also have cemented his place as England's first choice centre forward. I would like to wish Dean every success in his future ventures.
Mick Green


I have just woke up to the sobering realisation i will never see Dean pull on the claret & blue number nine jersey again! Am numb to the core! It brings everything into perspective I can only thank Dean for everything he did whist he was in a West Ham shirt. I would like to wish Dean all the best in whatever path he decides to follow after football.
Chris Qunn - Glasgow Irons


Deano, we wish you well.

I had the privilege of seeing you score for the Irons, you will be missed by West Ham, England and Football.

Best story - My wife and family are huge Luton Town fans, they have told me you are the only opposing player given a standing ovation after playing and destroying them at Kenilworth Road. Now to me with their fans, that says it all.

There is a long life after football, correct decision for you personally, even though I can't imagine how hard it must have been. Good luck on the fifth operation.

Hope to see you at the Boleyn one day
Tony Foster



Sometimes the brightest stars fade too soon. You've earned a place in the hearts of the Hammers fans and the West Ham hall of fame. Best wishes for the future big fella.
From Phil and his very upset son James

Hey Dean,

I have supported West Ham all of 21 years of my life as far back as far back as I can remember and you have to be up there as one of the most naturally talented footballers ever to grace Upton Park. Your retirement has brought a tear to my eye, I am gutted for you.

Will always remember your goal in the FA Cup final as one of the best moments in my life.

Good luck in the future and I hope you will stay at West Ham in some way.

From a very supporting fan,
Sean Mcinerney, Cardiff