Green a Reading Star

Robert Green has pledged his support to the Premier League Reading Stars project by revealing his favourite read.

One of 20 Barclays Premier League players helping to kick off the seventh season of Premier League Reading Stars, Green chose Homer's The Iliad as his book of choice. The popular initiative aims to inspire families to pick up a book and read more often and is run by the Premier League, the National Literacy Trust and the Football Foundation.


The project has a simple central premise. Each season the Barclays Premier League clubs nominate a player as their 'Reading Star'. The player selects their favourite children's or adult's book to create a twenty-strong book list. All clubs have adopted at least one library, who receive free copies of all the recommended titles. Families who take part in sessions at the library have the chance to meet their Reading Star and a local author, as well as getting involved in a series of football-based literacy events throughout the initiative.

Green said: "Reading is such a big part of all our lives, everyone should try to make a bit of time each day to read more. You should never be scared of a book either, reading classics like The Iliad might seem daunting, but if you take your time, they really are interesting to read and you gain such a lot from trying them."

A study launched today by the National Literacy Trust has also revealed that other than family members, sports people are the most likely role models for young people, and the most likely public figures to inspire reading.

Sir Dave Richards, Chairman of the Premier League said: "With Premier League Reading Stars, we hope to be able to use footballers' favourite book choices as a way of inspiring families to read together. It gives players the opportunity to act as positive role models and shows that by using the power of football we can successfully change people's attitudes to reading."

Jonathan Douglas, Director of the National Literacy Trust, said: "Football is such a huge cultural influence in this country, and many people aspire to be like footballers. Sports people have be shown to be powerful public role models, particularly as a way to engaged those who wouldn't normally be interested in reading.

"Where we can harness the power of footballers to act as Reading Stars, we can reach out to young people and their families, and change attitudes. To engage people with reading, as with many things, it's best to start with what you love. For so many, that means starting with football."

The PLRS scheme has been developed as part of a partnership between the National Literacy Trust, Football Foundation and the Premier League, and will be supported by a series of family reading groups at libraries across the country. Funding is provided by the Premier League, Football Foundation and Arts Council England.