Have your say on ticketing

West Ham United and See Tickets are looking for fan feedback into the club's new online Box Office ticketing service.

As part of the ongoing commitment to ensure whufcboxoffice.com is as popular with fans as possible, supporters that have either purchased tickets, club membership online or have attempted to use the new site are asked to share their views. All comments will be gratefully received and any further changes will be made where required.

See Tickets was recently made the club's official ticketing services partner and is keen to help make the new website as efficient and easy to use as possible. Feedback received from the old site has already been taken into account and has led to the introduction of new features such as the ability to view seating plans.

To take part all we would ask is that you answer the questions below and send your comments by emailing [email protected]

1 - How did you find the overall experience?
2 - Did you find the site easy to navigate?
3 - What parts of the new website do you like?
4 - Are there any parts of the new website you dislike?
5 - What recommendations would you make to improve the sites performance?
6 - What problems did you encounter whilst attempting to book?