Green keen to make amends

Robert Green will be "twice as determined to get things right in two weeks' time" when West Ham United return to action away to Hull City.

The England goalkeeper took personal responsibility for his part in the 3-1 defeat by Bolton Wanderers on Sunday, despite his outstanding form having been a key factor in a start to the season that had been going "fantastically well". His uncharacteristic first-half slip allowed Kevin Davies to put the visitors on the road to victory and the No1 held up his hands afterwards.

"It's just disappointing," said the ever-honest Green. "And being responsible for the start of the downfall really, that's the biggest disappointment. But it's done. I've made mistakes in the past and I'm sure I'll probably make a few in the future as well. So I'll just get on and work hard and put the wrongs right and I'll be twice as determined to get things right in two weeks' time."

Of the goal itself, Green added: "I slipped, and that's about it. It was a mistake, a bad mistake. I'll go back to the training ground and work on catching the ball. It's as simple as that. It's something that happens, it's an occupational hazard, really, making mistakes. And it was disappointing because it looked like we were controlling the game and it really changed the complexion.

"If it had come after winning 5-0 and in the last minute of a game, then yeah, you try and take it with a pinch of salt," the 27-year-old said. "But that's football and that's life. And you can only treat the successes you have and the failures you have with in the same way, and just learn from them and work on them."

Green rightly has the full support of Zola and said the manager had offered private words of encouragement, as he had publicly in his post-match press conference. "That's all he's done so far," he said. "He's been fantastic and encouraged everyone. The important thing is, especially against a team like Bolton, you try and help your defence out as much as you can and unfortunately it back-fired in such a way, but these things happen.

"It's something to learn from, it's something that happens. I'll move on and concentrate on the game coming up against Hull in a couple of weeks' time." The reigning Hammer of the Year certainly will not be feeling sorry for himself, adding: "That's life in football, that's what happens. You get rewarded enough for dealing with it and you just deal with it and get on with it."