West Ham United statement

West Ham United totally refutes all of the allegations made against officials of the Club by Kia Joorabchian. Those allegations, and the financial claims which accompany them, are wholly without foundation.

Mr Joorabchian appears to be confusing demands that he has made on the Club with the notion that they were ever agreed. They were not and no agreements of the kind alleged were ever concluded. Discussions did take place at various times with Mr Joorabchian, as a representative of MSI and JSI, with regard to the future of Carlos Tevez with West Ham United after the end of the 2006/07 season but they were unsuccessful and therefore no agreement was possible.

Moreover, Mr Joorabchian has omitted to recognise that a full and final settlement with West Ham United was concluded when he agreed to settle all outstanding claims against the Club on behalf of his companies MSI and JSI in August of last year.

In short, these matters have already been the subject of the court process and as far as the Club is concerned fully disposed of. Nevertheless the Club is quite prepared to resolve them further via a full Court hearing if necessary.

Threats and allegations are easy to make but the Court process decides cases, and will decide this case, on the basis of real evidence and a proper consideration of the facts. That is why West Ham United has no doubt that Mr Joorabchian's claim will, in due course, be dismissed.