June 2008

Jo Fitzpatrick and Bob Green

My dad Bob Green died on 20 June after a long, hard fought illness.

He and his father before him were lifelong passionate Hammers supporters, as am I. Its in our blood!!

I was born on Welbeck Road, just ten minutes from the ground. My dad and I spent quite a few Saturday afternoons in the Chicken Run when I was a small girl. I was babysat by the players and bounced on Geoff Hurst's and Harry Redknapp's knee - my claim to fame.

For a few years, I didn't go back to Upton Park, but a couple of years ago, I started to come as often as I could and now I am hooked again. Every time, I got dad a programme and often went to take photos of the game and the area we lived so he could see how it had changed. By that time, he was too ill to come, although I tried on a few occasions to see if it was possible.

We always used to chat about the game and the players all the time. It helped him take his mind off the illness.

I will miss my dad very much and when I came down for the training day, it was pretty emotional knowing he was not there to tell him about my day. I got my new shirt and had Moore put on the back for him, something I will do every year now in memory.

Jo Fitzpatrick