Ljungberg in the spotlight

Freddie Ljungberg has taken time out from preparing for tonight's Euro 2008 qualifer against Greece in Salzburg to update whufc.com with his latest thoughts on the competition. The West Ham United midfielder will captain the Scandinavian nation for the Group D fixture and is set to play with a protective device throughout the competition after suffering a rib injury towards the end of the 2007/08 Premier League campaign. After playing at Euro 2000 and 2004, Ljungberg is determined in Austria to get his hat-trick of finals appearances off to a flier.

whufc.com: How are you feeling about your own and Sweden's chances?

Ljungberg: We feel great about our chances. Personally I am ready for the tournament both mentally and physically and I think we have a strong chance this year.

whufc.com: Sweden play Greece first…those opponents showed last time that anything is possible. Can Sweden win it?

Ljungberg: You just said it! Anything is possible. If we can perform well in our group and reach the final stages then it really is one game at a time. We have a strong team that is capable of beating big teams like Portugal, Germany, Italy and Spain. As I said I feel ready and I'm confident the team is ready - it could be our year.

whufc.com: No other player from the club is involved. Do you feel proud to represent West Ham United in a major finals as well as Sweden?

Ljungberg: Extremely proud. It's great to think that Sweden might be receiving some extra support from English fans this year because I play for West Ham. I am really sorry England didn't make the finals this year, especially with the strong presence that English teams had in the Champions League. It is unfortunate. Hopefully I and the Sweden team will give the West Ham fans in England something to cheer for.

whufc.com: Have you got a message for any fans wondering which team to support at the tournament?

Ljungberg: I think it will be a wonderful tournament and there will be an awful lot of great football to see so my message would be to watch it and enjoy it. I don't think you have to follow a particular team to enjoy a tournament like this, it's just a great opportunity to enjoy football. But of course, I would be honoured if our fans cheers for Sweden.