Online Box Office update

The Ticket Office is pleased to announce changes to the new online booking system following on from the first sale this week of 2008/09 match tickets to club members.

Acting on feedback from our supporters regarding the service, a new 'Friends and Family' section has been added to the system. This allow fans to store the information required relating to anyone they may wish to book tickets with either during that particular booking or in the future. Not only will this allow you at the touch of a button to bring up the client reference numbers of people you have booked with previously, it will also let you store details of anyone you may want to book with in the future.

We hope this time-saving facility combined with improvements to the navigation of the site will make the process of booking tickets online far easier then previously experienced. We recommend that before actually needing to purchase you have personalised your list and added any friends and family that you would like to include in your booking - be it now or for any future purchases. Unless you wish to add further details, you will only need to go through this quick and easy process just once with all information being stored for future bookings.

Supporters should also be aware that unless a date of birth is held for your friend or family member, the price will automatically revert to the adult rate. To amend this, please call 0871 222 2700 (option 3), where one of our operators will be able to help

We are keen to ensure that the new online booking service is as popular with our supporters as it possibly can be and we are therefore interested to hear your thoughts and suggestions based on your use of the service. To forward any recommendations please email [email protected] with a brief explanation providing your name and customer number.