Enough is Enough update

West Ham United have reminded supporters of the campaign to persuade young people that carrying a weapon is not acceptable.

At last month's Everton game on 15 December, around 1,000 fans pledged their backing to a campaign led by Newham Council, the mayor Sir Robin Wales and the Metropolitan Police. Text messages were sent from mobile phones, pledges made online and petitions signed outside the Boleyn Ground - all in support of the Enough is Enough campaign.

Newham Council, with West Ham United's backing, produced a special video to highlight the cause. It is now available to watch online by clicking here. For more information about the activities at last month's match, click here.

If you want to pledge your support to the campaign, text your name and the word ENOUGH to 07624 809655. (Normal text charges apply). You can also visit the website www.newhamsaysenoughisenough.com to pledge support. If you have any information about gun or knife crime you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.