Play the West Ham United Lottery

West Ham United Lottery are offering you the chance to play in Friday's triple rollover draw for the EuroMillions and increase your chances of winning.

Here's why playing for the £42m jackpot through makes sense for all supporters.

1 - Beat the Jackpot Odds

An e-lottery syndicate is 36 times more likely to win a EuroMillions jackpot than an ordinary syndicate entering random numbers. That's because you are guaranteed to match both 'Lucky Star' numbers in every draw.

2 - Get unbeatable value for money

You and your syndicate share 36 single-line entries in the draw for only £5. Whereas, playing normally, you pay £1.50 for just one entry.

3 - Win multiple cash prizes

The mathematics in the Syndicate System means that when your syndicate wins - whether at jackpot or lower level - it wins more than one prize. In fact, up to 36 prizes. Meaning you share in a bigger pot of cash.

4 - Enjoy complete peace of mind

Syndicates are managed professionally and reliably - collecting payments, purchasing tickets, and paying out winnings without fail. During six years, it has established an unblemished record for e-lottery.

5 - The ultimate in convenience…and it is fun

No more trip to the 'lottery shop' for your ticket. No more forgetting your ticket - or worse, losing it. You are told when you win and paid out promptly by your chosen payment method. You can withdraw from and rejoin a syndicate at any time - perhaps to play just the big rollovers, like this one. It couldn't get any easier.

So if you're thinking you might give e-lottery a shot, the time is right now. With a £42m jackpot up for grabs, there simply is not a better week to start playing.