Desktop News Alerts

If you want to get all the latest news from the Boleyn Ground download the brand new Desktop News Alerts service.

Our alert system delivers the latest Hammers news stories direct to your desktop. And what's more, it's all FREE!

We won't send you irrelevant stories - just the important ones that we know you'll want. Interested? Just take a look at how you can receive the alerts?

Full Mode

Each story is shown on a page of its own.

Ticker Mode

Headlines are shown on a clickable scrolling ticker.

Hidden Mode

Every time a story is launched a small window pops up to alert you that a new story is available.

Desktop News Alerts do not carry viruses, adware or spyware and will not affect the performance of your PC.

Downloading is simple, just click on the download link and follow these simple instructions.

When prompted, choose 'run programme from its current location' if you use Windows 95/98 or if you use Windows 2000/NT/XP simply save the file to your desktop. Then open the programme and follow the instructions on screen.

If you experience problems downloading please contact [email protected]