Spector looking forward to Old Trafford return

Hammers defender Jonathan Spector is looking ahead to returning to Old Trafford on Sunday to face his former Club, Manchester United, for the final game of the season.

"It'll be a different game from the win against Bolton," he said. "I'm not sure what they're going to do since they've won the League now. I don't know what they'll decide for team selection. But I don't think any of us will concern ourselves with that. Whoever's playing, we need to go out there and get a result."

Jonathan has played a key role in coming on as a substitute and helping the Hammers see out victories in the last two matches against Wigan and Bolton.

"I think all the hard work had been done by the time I came on," he said modestly. "But we had a nervy was a nervy last few minutes against Bolton.

"They were putting a lot of balls in the box and putting us under a lot of pressure but it was never a doubt that we were going to win that game.

"We played extremely well in the first half. We passed the ball really well and broke on them a number of times. I don't think they created too many opportunities the whole game.

"Second half was a bit different, we knew it would be. They went back to route one and were just concentrating on getting balls in the box. We knew we were going to have to defend that."

With the Hammers on a good run of form going into Sunday's game, Jonathan is confident the squad can pull together and get a result.

"The team have done extremely well," he said. "We've had six wins out of eight, which is a great run, especially at the end of the season especially with a lot of pressure on the team.

"I think what's been extremely important is the start we've had to the games, we've started really well and gotten on top. For me at the end I've just been able to come on and shore up the defence. I'm happy to do that when results are going our way."