Peacock reveals mood in Hammers camp

With the Hammers hoping to ensure Premiership survival at Old Trafford on Sunday, assistant manager Keith Peacock reveals that the team spirit is strong after three consecutive wins.

"The mood's good, we're playing with confidence," he says. "But it's not just the results we've got lately; it's the way we've played. We've played some very good football, got the ball down and the way the goals are conceived and finished has been superb.

"I'm sure that'll give us an extra bit of confidence going to Manchester United, where we'll have to pass the ball around in order to win.

"There is that belief that things are going for us and there's nothing quite like confidence and putting a run of good results together. Everyone has that little bit more bounce in their step, that little bit more energy in their play and we need to get off to a good start up at Old Trafford.

"That will be very important, that we don't concede an early goal. The concentration will have to be total. I think there will be a reasonable atmosphere there as well, to say the least!"

Manchester United may have already been crowned Premiership Champions but Keith is keen for the Hammers to keep focused in what is sure to be a tough test.

"If they do rest one or two players then Saha will come in or Solskjaer or whoever it might be. They got so many good players that I don't know that it would make too much difference. Having said that, if they want to rest Ronaldo I wouldn't be too displeased!

"We have to be very careful here in terms of what's being written in the press about what Wigan are going to do or what Sheffield United are going to do.

"We've got to go to Man United and get at least a point. If we do that, no matter what happens anywhere else, we are in the Premiership for next year. That's what we've got to concentrate on."