Curbs sets record straight over Southgate

Alan Curbishley today insisted he had no grudge to bear over Middlesbrough boss Gareth's Southgate's team selection against Manchester City, despite recent newspaper reports to the contrary.

"I did an interview for and bits of what I said have been taken out of context," said Curbs. "What I said was that Neil Warnock had been unhappy with Gareth Southgate's team selection against Manchester City, because when you're in the bottom six you're looking at everything that's going on and relying on other people's results.

"Gareth didn't play Mark Viduka and Jonathan Woodgate and he didn't get the result either so it was a double whammy in some respects. We got the result at Blackburn and I was disappointed that Middlesbrough didn't beat Manchester City, but you've got to get your own results.

"When you get to the last eight games of the season, you'd ideally like to be in charge of your own destiny and not relying on other people's results. But, first things first, we have to get some results. I think that Gareth took the decision and they didn't get the result.

"We'll have to see what happens tomorrow. I'm sure he'll put out his strongest side if he can. We've still got to get the result. We're hoping other people can do us a favour but it's about what we do as well and we have to get on with it.

"I don't think as strongly as Neil Warnock did. If you look at the interview, I just said people were disappointed that Gareth rested a couple of players but that was it. I didn't go overboard on it."

Looking ahead to the Middlesbrough game, Curbs added: "You start picking up a couple of results and it breeds confidence. We got a bit of luck against Blackburn, but we've been due a bit of luck. Can that now take us on? I think if we can get the result against Middlesbrough you may see a different West Ham team."