Day feeling positive ahead of Ewood trip

Mervyn Day is feeling confident about tomorrow's trip to Blackburn, despite the run of four straight wins Mark Hughes' side is on.

"The thing about good runs is that they have to end sometime," he said. "They've got one or two injuries in the centre of their midfield and they've got a suspension in there as well.

"We know what to expect but by the same token it's not so much about Blackburn, it's about what we do. We've shown capabilities this year to beat Arsenal and to beat Manchester United and to give good performances against Spurs and Newcastle and Fulham.

"The performances are there, providing we can get everybody giving 120% for each other, for the team, all the time. It's all about attitude. If we can get them to have the right attitude, to perform from minute one, then we've got a chance against anybody, no matter who they are."

Merv confirmed that the squad has looked sharp in training over the last fortnight but that they must recreate their efforts on the pitch.

"They know that we're in a precarious position and they know that we need some results," he said. "The last thing you can do when you're in that sort of position is hide.

"Players have got to be big. They've got to accept responsibility both on and off the ball and by and large that's what they've been doing in training. Now the hard part is transferring what they can do in training onto a football field where the pressure is really on.

"Sometimes we've been able to do that, a lot of times we haven't. We see them in training and we know what they're capable of. So it's about coping with the pressure. If they can do that and give us some sort of performance then we've got a chance to get a result."

And Merv insists the Hammers are still more than capable of maintaining their Premiership status.

"We're in a situation where every game is crucial," he admitted. "We need to try and gather points from every game we play and Blackburn is no different.

"People keep saying it looks pretty hopeless, but it isn't. We get a win or two and all of a sudden the situation changes. So, we're going to give it our best shot tomorrow and hopefully come back with a result."