Zip through the air over Upton Park!

Ever wanted to fly through the sky over Upton Park at a great speed of knots and raise funds for local people affected by cancer? Well, Sara-Jade Piper is doing just that and now you can, too!

Sara-Jade is taking part in the Greater London Zipline here at West Ham United on Sunday 1st July and will be zipping through the stadium at a phenomenal height.

Sadly, Sara-Jade lost her Dad, David. C. Piper on August 3rd 2002 to lung cancer and since then has completed many challenges for Macmillan Cancer Support to raise money in his memory.

If you fancy the challenge to zip-zip-zip-away through the Hammers stadium then contact the London Fundraising office on: 020 8563 9699 or email [email protected] and register.

It costs £15.00 to register and we ask you to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship. A fundraising pack and sponsorship form will be sent out to you. Time is zipping away, so hurry and register now!