Peacock on Charlton clash

After several years at Charlton as a player and coach, you could understand Keith Peacock returning to the Valley for Saturday's crucial match with mixed feelings.

But the West Ham United coach insists there will be no divided loyalties when the two sides meet for the vital encounter.

"Everyone will know my feelings, having been at Charlton for so long," he said. "But I'm part of the West Ham management team and we're all focusing on getting the three points."

"Everything's focused on this game. No one could have written a script like this at the start of the season and there's going to be a lot of pressure on. The coolest heads are going to win."

The two clubs are inextricably linked, with Alans Curbishley and Pardew having managed both sides, adding extra feeling to what is already certain to be a highly passionate encounter.

"I came across here for Alan, so there are an incredible amount of links," Keith said. "But we'll all shake hands, wish each other the best and then it'll be all guns firing on both sides.

"It's going to be an amazing game. I think there'll be a lot of goals out there. I've just got that sort of feeling. Sometimes, when you get tense games, mistakes can be made either side. So it'll be one of those real thrillers."

Keith also had an important message for Hammers' fans ahead of the crunch match. "Don't give up on us yet," he insisted. "I know things look pretty tough at the moment but nobody should give up hope.

"When you've gone so long without winning, the next three points seem a long way away on the horizon. But it can change quickly and even going into the last few games of the season you can be a few points adrift, then all of a sudden you can leapfrog the teams around you.

"There's still an awful lot to play for and this game isn't the end for either team, no matter what happens. But it'll be a massive psychological boost for the winning side.

"With no disrespect to Watford, we expected to win that game. That result shook us and hurt us all badly. We'll have had a fortnight to respond and get over that game.

"The atmosphere will take care of itself on Saturday. We've got to respond and the sooner we get that win under our belts it will trigger things off."