Reo-Coker disappointed to miss key games

Nigel Reo-Coker will have to sit out the Hammers' next two crucial games, away at Charlton and at home to Tottenham, through suspension - but no one is more disappointed than the Club captain himself.

"We have two very vital games coming up and I'm bitterly disappointed to be missing them," he said. "But I've got to suffer the consequences of getting ten cautions.

"I'm very disappointed. It's a really important period of time for us. But I'm sure the team are more than capable of coping without me."

And the 22-year-old admits it will be hard to sit on the sidelines as his team-mates battle for points.

"I'm not the best spectator," he added. "I always like to participate - especially in these two very crucial games. These are the games that I thrive on, games that I would love to play in and I'm very disappointed. It's going to be hard for me to sit and watch."

"I think the atmosphere at the Charlton game will be like a Cup final. It's a very big game, make no mistake."

Despite some adverse publicity in recent weeks, as Club captain Nigel has worked hard to maintain the focus in the dressing room.

"We just have to say to the fans, don't believe everything you read," he said. "The papers are speculating and they want to write negative stuff.

"They want negativity to spread, not just around the dressing room, but out on to the terraces. That's not the case, the lads are trying very hard, it's been a difficult time for us and it still is a difficult time for us.

"There are still 33 points left to play for and every game between now and the end of the season is a Cup final for us. We have to go out there and perform and get the points."