West Ham United FC: Club Statement

West Ham United today confirmed that the decision by the 2012 Olympic Board to opt for a mainly athletics use for the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games ended the club's direct interest in the stadium project at this stage.

The Club expressed its thanks to the Government, the Mayor and the Olympic authorities for the dialogue which has taken place on this issue and emphasised its view that all parties had acted in good faith.

West Ham United had set out its assessment of the possibilities on the legacy use of the stadium in a letter to the Olympic Delivery Authority on 17th January 2007, following meetings between professional advisers. The club set out its proposals on possible solutions but recognised the tight timelines on stadium design and construction and the work already undertaken on a 25,000 seat stadium option.

Commenting on the stadium issue, West Ham United Chairman, Eggert Magnusson, said today: "We have had a constructive dialogue on the possible legacy use of the Olympic Stadium but it was always clear that a solution which worked for all parties would be very difficult.

"It would appear that the option chosen by the Olympic Board could not work for us, given the needs of a modern football club, but we are positive about the discussion which has taken place.

"As a club we remain ambitious for the development of our stadium and will be exploring, in conjunction with the Mayor of London, other options as we move forward.

"Certainly there is a benefit in all the major stakeholders in the East End of London working together to help achieve the best possible regeneration for the area and we will want to play our part in full in the years ahead."