Green reflects on Chelsea strike power

Rob Green today reflected on the lethal finishing prowess of last night's opponents after the Hammers were subjected to a 4-1 defeat at home.

"It was a difficult game," admitted the Hammers keeper. "With the qualities that Chelsea have you always know you're going to be up against it. We let goals in at bad times.

"The second goal was pretty disappointing, to concede straight away after getting back into to it. The third one just after half-time killed the game off. Even at 2-1 we had chances to come back in it but after they went 3-1 up they did what Chelsea do and closed the game out comfortably without any great alarm. They almost played keep-ball for 20 minutes or so, which is what they're really good at.

"We put our all in and ended up coming up short. When you talk about instances in the game and key moments, immediately after scoring not defending, immediately after half-time not taking our chances and then conceding a sloppy goal is the difference when you're playing against the top clubs.

"The first goal Wright-Philips struck early right into the bottom corner and the second one is an unbelievable finish from where he was and I think it took quite a few people by surprise. The third I managed to save the first shot but the rebound was bread and butter for Kalou.

"You're looking at the players you're playing against and the qualities they have. They've had probably ten chances to score in the game. You look at the forward line that they've got and the players they've got playing for them. We couldn't afford to give them too many chances."

But the Hammers aren't as dispirited after last night's performance as they were on Saturday. "Everyone's disappointed but all in all you look at the last two games and we're more disappointed with the Sheffield United result and the performance than the one last night," said Rob.

"We could handle the game as a whole, getting beaten by Chelsea when everyone put their all in. But when it follows a game like the defeat at Sheffield United and the pressure's intensified because of the poor result we had there, then it makes it that bit more disappointing. The accumulation of the two results is more disappointing than just last night's."

The Hammers' keeper admits his side face an immense fight if they are to beat the drop with only four games remaining.

"We've got to win at least three quarters of them," he said. "We've left ourselves with a massive mountain to climb. It's crunch time and we have to go out and give everything against Everton on Saturday. That is a do-or-die game."