Ludek impressed by Green performance

Hammers goalkeeping coach Ludek Miklosko today described Robert Green's performance against Arsenal as flawless.

"I think it is maybe the best I've ever seen from a goalkeeper," he said. "He was not just good on one thing, he was brilliant on everything: crosses, kicking, low shots, high shots. I think he was absolutely amazing."

Ludo also paid tribute to Rob's industrious attitude. "I think he deserved that performance because he works so hard," he said. "And he's getting better and better, his confidence is growing. He deserves this.

"He is always doing extra work and extra training but I think that's how it should be. He knows that without hard work he wouldn't be able to put in this kind of performance. I think that's a part of his hard work."

Recalling his days between the sticks for the Hammers, Ludo admitted he couldn't remember delivering such a perfect performance.

"I think that one was really something special," he said. "I remember I had a good performance that people were talking about, against Manchester United, but I didn't keep a clean sheet. I think this one was something else, something really special.

And with two consecutive clean sheets to boast, Ludo said: "I'm very pleased because I also try to put a lot of hard work in and I'm just glad that it works."