Curbs: "It's game on!"

With a trip to the Emirates Stadium approaching, Alan Curbishley today insisted: "It's game on!"

"When you've been getting beaten it's nice to turn it around," he said. "But that has been tempered by the fact that we're still in trouble.

"If we can get anything against Arsenal it will take us into another big game against Sheffield United, because they're near us. We know we have to win the majority of our games. It's game on!"

Curbs insisted the squad have ample ability to avoid relegation but that maintaining the performance levels of recent weeks is crucial.

"I've seen enough talent out there for us not to be in this position," he said. "I've looked at their ability and wondered why we're in the bottom three.

"But it's a results business. We can't keep looking back at results we haven't got. If we get out of it this season it'll be a great result for us and that's what we're all looking to do.

"We have to take every game on its merit and go for it. We have to win the majority of our games. It's a collective effort.

"You can't underestimate what a lead can do for you; it's a different way of playing. It gives you something to hold on to. That's what we've managed to do in the last couple of games and we need to make a good start on Saturday."