Your chance to star at Upton Park

It's the moment West Ham United fans around the UK have been waiting for - the kick off of Football Aid 2007. Over the next nine months, it will be a white-knuckle ride of emotions for fanatical fans as they battle it out for their rightful place in the ultimate football experience that has taken the UK by storm…

Fancy yourself as the next Teddy Sheringham? Or are you more Rory McGrath than Bobby Zamora? Either way, Football Aid is for you, giving all football fans (from the classic armchair supporter to the ardent season ticket holder), the chance to follow in their heroes' footsteps and play a heart-pumping 90 minutes at Upton Park.

Imagine the pride in seeing your shirt hanging up in the changing room, the adrenaline kicking in as you look over to the opposition in the players tunnel, the thrill of running out onto the hallowed turf to the sound of the crowd and the undesirable joy in scoring for your team. Football Aid allows you to experience the buzz of match day from a professional footballers perspective, a day to remember and not to mention an experience you can dine out on for years…

Peter Coyle, an enthusiastic Football Aid supporter, explains, "I played at the West Ham game last year and the official family line, of course, is that the best days of my life have been my wedding day and the births of my 3 kids. Between you, me and everyone in the world except my wife...playing at Upton Park under lights with Ray Stewart has taken number one spot in the hit parade!"

And just when this all sounds too good to be true, it gets better. Whilst experiencing the chance of a lifetime, you can also revel in the fact that funds raised from the Football Aid events go to a variety of deserving charities locally, nationally and around the globe.

Football Aid was founded in 2000 as a unique way of raising money to find a cure for diabetes and since its conception, over 300 games - involving an incredible 8000 players - have taken place on a UK Club, European and National level, raising over £750,000 for charity.

Through Football Aid's parent charity, Field of Dreams' multi-beneficiary grant award scheme, funds raised go to Diabetes research, education and management projects and are also shared with charities nominated for funding by the Clubs that take part.

So, if you fancy being a hero for 90 minutes, visit or call 0131 220 5999 for further information. Positions in Football Aid games -which take place at the end of the Premiership season in April/ May next year - can be secured through Football Aid's 'Buy Now' and 'Sponsored to Play' schemes.

The latter allows fans to fundraise their way to their field of dreams, whether it's by lying in a bath of beans, organising a sponsored fun run or the ultimate sacrifice, giving up beer for the month!