Club Statement: Spectator behaviour

West Ham United is still seeking information relating to the coin-throwing incident at our recent Premiership home match against Arsenal on November 5, when opposition player Robin Van Persie was injured.

In addition, we have been asked by the FA for our observations concerning spectator behaviour at the Sheffield United match, when an apple was thrown onto the pitch by a visiting fan. There was also another incident at Portsmouth when missiles were thrown by our own supporters.

Last season we were charged by the FA with failing to control the behaviour of our supporters at away matches and these recent incidents at home to Arsenal and Sheffield United and away to Portsmouth place the Club in further jeopardy. Such incidents will not be tolerated and anyone arrested or subsequently identified will receive a lengthy ban from attending Upton Park.

If you have witnessed the coin-throwing or have information about any of the incidents above, please contact the West Ham Police matchday help-line by sending a text message to 07969 042837. Alternatively, you can contact the Club's Stadium Manager John Ball on 0208 548 2748 or write to him at the stadium.

Supporters are advised that all information will be treated with complete confidentiality.

Please help to keep Upton Park a safe environment for all players, officials and spectators.