Sheringham clears up Villa confusion

Teddy Sheringham has cleared up the confusion over quotes that were attributed to him in several newspaper articles earlier this week.

Following his impressive contribution to Sunday's 2-1 win over Blackburn Rovers, the Hammers striker was reported to have said that he had contemplated 'moving on' and that Aston Villa had attempted to sign him earlier in the season.

However, Teddy admits to being completely shocked by the story, and reveals that he was completely misquoted.

"I was having a conversation with a reporter after the game on Sunday," he says, "and was asked about the possibility of signing a new contract at the Club.

"I jokingly remarked that, had he asked me that a few weeks ago when I was left out of the squad of 16 for our match against Aston Villa, then I would probably have told him that I was considering retirement.

"It was just another way of saying that you never know what is around the corner in football, but at no point did I ever mention the possibility of Aston Villa being interested in signing me.

"How they have turned those comments into such a story is beyond me, and I would just like to make it clear to our supporters that the whole thing is complete rubbish."