West Ham United press statement

Managing Director Paul Aldridge has this morning issued a statement relating to West Ham United's summer transfer activity, in the wake of further media speculation.

Following reports today suggesting the imminent arrival of one or more of the Club's rumoured summer transfer targets, Paul says: "The Club's policy has always been to make no comment on new signings until they are officially registered as West Ham United players, and that policy will continue to remain in place.

"The process of signing players in the modern game is often a lengthy and drawn-out one, and we believe it would be foolish and naïve to suggest that a player is ours until all elements of his transfer are completed.

"We already have experience of proposed transfers falling through for reasons of failed medicals or negotiations breaking down, and therefore we feel it to be in the best interests of West Ham United to ensure that no comment is made about additions to the playing squad until they are actually signed.

"I am sure our supporters will understand the position that we must take on this matter, and I can assure them that any new signings will be announced on our official website as soon as they are finalised."