Help support World Book Day

Next Thursday, March 2, is World Book Day, and Premiership Clubs are doing their bit to encourage football fans to pick up a book and enjoy a good read.

One book that will certainly appeal to supporters is The Team - a behind-the-scenes look at life in the Premier League. Renowned sportswriter Mick Dennis has teamed up with people from all aspects of life behind-the-scenes of top flight football to paint a fascinating portrait of the beautiful game.

The Team is part of an innovative series of short and accessible fiction and non-fiction called Quick Reads, aimed at the millions of people in the UK who don't have the time to read or often struggle to finish a book.

In The Team, which also has a fantastic foreword from Eric Cantona, you can find out:
From Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher what life is really like as one of the country's top footballers, plying your trade in the Premier League.
From Steve Bennett how it feels to be the referee - having to make the tough decisions with thousands of people on your back.
From Alan Curbishley about life in the dug-out and how he copes with the many pressures of being manager of a top Premier League team.
From Aston Villa trainee Craig Gardner on being one of the lucky few to break into a Premier League Youth Academy.
From Robbie Earle on what a former player does with his life once the cheering stops.

Also featuring fascinating insights into what it is like to be a commentator with Sky's Martin Tyler; how it feels to be the Chief Executive with Manchester City's man at the top, Alistair Mackintosh; and even what it's like to spend your weekends as a six foot tall lion - as Chelsea mascot Stamford! The Team is a funny, easy to read, sideways look at life in Premier League football.

The Team author Mick Dennis explains: "I am often put off picking up heavy tomes and frequently give up after a few pages of daunting texts, so I am exhilarated at the thought of being able to help entice people into the world of books."

The Team is one of 12 books in the Quick Reads series that will be published on World Book Day next Thursday, which a further 10 published during Adult Learners' Week on 25 May 2006.

The Team by Mick Dennis
Published on World Book Day, March 2, 2006
Price £2.99