Marlon the music maestro!

Music is a powerful medium of communication and inspiration in all walks of life, and it is no different in football.

Before every match, home and away, you will hear music blaring out of the changing rooms helping the lads to get fired up before a big game. And Marlon Harewood is the man who not only bosses the attack on the field, but is also in charge of choosing the all-important tunes that will play an integral part in the team's pre-match routine.

"I love my music and it is very important to me in all areas of my life," says Marlon. "It plays a really big part to all of us before a match because it gets us all buzzing. I'm not really sure how I became in charge of it all, I think it's just because everyone knows how much I love listening to music and I am always playing new stuff to everyone from my iPod."

Not everyone, of course, is happy with Marlon's tunes but that just provides more opportunity for a bit of friendly ribbing over the choice of artists.

"The other thing the music in the dressing room does is provide an opportunity for a good bit of banter, as not everyone has the same taste in music as me. I do try to vary it as much as possible but there are certain people like Teddy Sheringham who are never happy and would prefer to listen to a bit of Luther Vandross - how is that going to to build you up before a match?!"

Two gadgets the Club's leading goalscorer would not be able to live without are his iPod and his most recent acquisition, the i-deck. Both of which make life a lot easier on the road when transporting his music around.

"I love my iPod, it's my absolute favourite gadget!" says Marlon. "I just find them amazing, especially the video one that they brought out recently. It is just so intriguing how it can hold so much software on such a small thing and be such good quality as well - I would love to see how one is made and put together.

"I recently got an i-deck as well which is just brilliant, it is so easy to use and made playing music in the dressing room so much easier. We have one in the home dressing room which we take to all away games as well, as it is so easy to pack up and take anywhere. The first time I brought it to the training ground the lads were all really impressed and asking me where I got it from but I wouldn't tell them so I was the only person who had one!

"The best thing about using an iPod and i-deck in the dressing room means we can constantly change what we listen to and be listening to the most up-to-date music all the time. Quite often I hear a really good new tune, download it straight away to my iPod then take it in to training to play to everyone else on the i-deck. That is what is so impressive - how quickly you can do everything.

"Nigel Reo-Coker is into his music almost as much as me, so we quite often download tracks and play them to each other then I will put together a playlist to listen to on the i-deck before the next match."

Variety is the spice of life and and Marlon makes sure to vary his music to fit the mood he is in and what he is doing. Whether it is preparing for a match or putting his son to bed, the accessibility of his musical gadgets means he always has the right tunes at his disposal.

"In terms of music I like a bit of everything really, that is another good thing about the iPod and i-deck - you can fit so much on there and split everything into playlists to suit your mood. For example, I love Usher, Pharell, 50 Cent and artists like that who are good to listen to before a match, but then my little boy also loves listening to my classical music on the i-deck before he goes to bed."

Marlon is a keen enthusiast when it comes to gadgetry and loves having all the latest gizmos available on the market.

"I am into all sorts of gadgets and like to keep up-to-date with all the latest ones, I have pretty much owned every iPod that has been available and buy the latest one every time it comes out. I also like games consoles, computers, satellite navigation systems - basically you name it and I've got it!"

Whatever is blaring out of the i-deck in the West Ham United changing rooms, it is certainly doing the trick as the team are very much on song as they seek their seventh straight win against Birmingham on Monday evening.