FA Cup semi-final ticket announcement

Although the ticket office has yet to complete all applications received from season ticket holders with more than one priority point, we can now confirm how we propose to allocate the remaining tickets for the FA Cup semi-final once the priority applications have been completed.

It has been decided that this will be by reference to the number of years applicants have held a season ticket, up to a maximum of five years.

Due to the installation of a new ticketing system, the records held by the ticket office will only go back five years to season 2000-01. As with the priority points system, applications received from mixed applicants will be ranked by reference to the applicant with the lowest number of years as a season ticket holder.

Having used the priority points scheme so successfully for so long, we are satisfied that the decision to use it for this event was correct. However, we would hope that this secondary method of allocation will offer those who have held season tickets the longest a greater chance of obtaining a semi-final ticket.

Going forward, we will continue to review our allocation procedures and take account of recommendations from our supporters. With this in mind, we are considering modifying the priority points system from next season to take account of attendance at home cup matches also.

For example, we might attribute one point to the purchase of tickets for home cup ties and two points to tickets for away fixtures, thereby ensuring that those season ticket holders who attend home cup matches but do not generally travel away will receive some form of priority for major events in the future. Once this new points system is in place, the process of prioritising applications on the number of years an applicant has held a season ticket would not be repeated.