Boss Backs Use Of Technology

ALAN Pardew believes the introduction of goal-line technology would benefit football, as long as it does not disrupt the natural flow of games.

Pards' team were on the end of a fortunate piece of officiating on Sunday in the 2-1 victory over Middlesbrough. But the Hammers boss feels any introduction of technology to clear up goal-line controversies would have to be handled carefully.

"If they could do it in an instant then I'd be happy with that," he explained.

"But if referring decisions was going to stop the flow of a game then I would be against that. It's got to be done quickly.

"If you are in a static game, with the score at 0-0, and then you've got to wait five minutes for a decision it would bring the house down.

"It has to be done right so the game isn't disrupted."

Teddy Sheringham, who was right on the spot when Mark Schwarzer juggled the ball on the goal-line and tellingly turned away without celebrating, added:

"I think there is so much focus on football now, and so much riding on the decisions, that technology has to be used," he said. "The technology is available now and I think football should make the most of it."