Danger Man David Is A Real Action Hero!

LIFE as a professional footballer may be full of glamour and prestige, but even Premier League players need to have their fictional heroes.

And David Bellion got the chance to live the life of one of his when the squad went on an activity day paintballing in Canary Wharf.

David stole the flag and victory for his team in the first game and then explained how he tried to imitate Agent Jack Bauer from hit drama 24!

The French striker, on loan from Manchester United, showed his skill on the battlefield for the youngsters side as the players and staff got to grips with the World War II zones at the Indoor Paintballing Centre, and then revealed how he tried to mimic fictional action heroes.

"It was great," smiled the 22-year-old star. "I felt like Jack Bauer from 24, sneaking into the other team's zone without getting noticed, grabbing their flag and then getting back to our side.

"I just tried to hide for as long as I could and when I got the flag I had to try and make it back without being hit.

"It was tough, they were firing at me, but I crept in and out of the terrain, just like Jack Bauer would have, and I made it.

"The day was a lot of fun for us and good for the team to do a different activity while some of the squad are away.

"I had done paintballing a few times before when I was at Sunderland, but always outside. This time it was indoors and it was great because there was different zones you could play in with houses and bunkers for you to hide in.

"It was actually pretty tiring. We played about six games and by the end everyone was just trying to hit as many people as they could!"

Although David won the first game for the youngsters, the veterans hit-back with victories earned by Masseur Vass Petrou, Physio Paul Hunter and a silent raid by Marlon Harewood put the veterans 3-1 in front.

However, David was to get his own back again when he made it to the other team's end unhurt as one of the 'Presidents'. It was this game that saw the veterans President, Peter Grant, take some hefty punishment.

But David insisted he was not trying to get his own back on the coach for those long training sessions, or any member of the oldies team!

"I was just trying to hit anybody I could see," he joked. "I wasn't trying to get anyone in particular, I just wanted to hit something human.

"It looked like Peter Grant took quite a few hits in one game though.

"By the last few games everyone was coming out covered in paint. It was supposed to be two shots and you were dead, but I think some of the lads had a few lives!

"It was a really enjoyable day, and good for team bonding. Everyone took part, from the first-team players to the younger lads and the staff and it was a lot fun to see everyone enjoying themselves."