Pards Calls On Upton Park Faithful

HAMMERS boss Alan Pardew has issued a rallying call to the Upton Park crowd ahead of Sunday's clash with Manchester United, insisting his team cannot win the game without the support of the West Ham faithful.

"I watched the game at Charlton and the one thing that I noted was that the crowd were apprehensive and that spread to the players," he explained.

"They had a full house but the crowd played no part. All you could hear was United singing 'Keano' and the songs they were singing.

"So our crowd have to play a part because we will not win this game if they do not. We need to have an atmosphere in the stadium and I'm going to go out of my way to make sure we create that before we even start. Hopefully we can carry that on.

"I want to make sure there are things in place that will motivate the crowd, like the announcer saying the right things in the right manner so that before the kick-off our crowd are in a good mood.

"I want the announcer to say certain things - and play the right records. The atmosphere has got to be massive for us because it will give us an edge. And we need an edge against a team as good as Manchester United."

Pards is also quick to stress that Hammers must take the game to Manchester United on Sunday, and explains that with home advantage his team will come to play against the Red Devils.

"There is no super-plan to stop United," he said. "Of course, we have to stop them scoring, but to beat them we have to score goals and that means we must attack the game.

"We know their threats and we have to look after them. But we'll have a go at any team that comes to Upton Park, and we'll treat this game no differently."